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"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today." Anon.

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Little Free Trees

The world is going through a lot right now. Little Free Trees is one small way you can help tilt the balance in a positive direction.

Each Little Free Tree is a small miracle in so far as it helps reduce pollution, produces oxygen, creates food for us through it's fruit and provides a home to wildlife, all of which help our environment thrive.

Based in Totnes, Devon, Little Free Trees was founded by Nick Cheshire of Indigo Daydream. The little saplings are all donated and sourced from Devon based tree farms and given away throughout Devon and around the UK to coincide with each single Indigo Daydream release.


Little Free Trees is a non-profit organisation dedicated to giving away and planting trees. Lots and lots of trees! This planet is our home. We have to look after it together. Planting a tree is a small gesture of kindness that will grow and give back to the planet for years to come. Providing oxygen, absorbing CO2, encouraging biodiversity and making the world more beautiful in the process. Little Free Trees was created by Indigo Daydream.

Little Free Trees in Liverpool! On 26th May we donated Little Free Trees around Liverpool, including outside the iconic gates at Strawberry Field and a single tree in honour of John Lennon outside his childhood home nearby in Woolton.


Little Free Trees at Strawberry Field Liverpool 1.jpg


During the course of 2023 we'll be giving away several hundred little free trees across the UK, mainly focused in the South West. Look out for little free trees around Totnes on May 26th to coincide with the release of Strawberry Fields Forever, a new cover version of the classic Beatles song by Indigo Daydream.

We have a wide variety of tree species to give away. In most cases they are very young cuttings/saplings being planted in the ground for the first time. Each Little Free Trees is potted and has a little card attached. All you have to do is plant it, love it and watch it grow!


It’s well known that trees reduce global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. But did you know they also have a fantastic range of other benefits? Here are just a few of them...

Wildlife and biodiversity

Trees provide both a home and a sustainable food source for hundreds of wildlife species. From birds and butterflies to bees and bats and lots of other creatures that don't start with the letter b!

By planting a tree, you're not just helping the planet recover from the effects of climate change, you're also a home builder for weary animals, insects and birds.

Reduce pollution

Trees reduce pollution by trapping dust, smoke and pollen. That can have a huge effect on your health and overall comfort, from reducing asthma symptoms to allowing you to enjoy the summer without itchy eyes.

Cool down your town
Buildings and roads absorb the sun's heat and make cities much warmer. The evaporation from a single tree has the power of 10 room-size air conditioners working 20 hours a day, significantly cooling our urban environment.


Combat flooding

These days, this one is of great importance. Planting trees improves water quality and prevents topsoil from washing away, reducing the risk of flooding.

On 26th May, Indigo Daydream's short film premiered at The Cavern Club in Liverpool. Before the showing, we placed a single Little Free Tree outside John Lennon's childhood home. Nice to think that it will be planted somewhere nearby in Liverpool. You can watch the film here.


Copyright 2023 Little Free Trees

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